Sumreen Gul

Sumreen Gul graduated with a M.Sc Degree in Chemistry from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. She completed Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed) Degree in Chemistry and Biology at University of the Punjab, Lahore from Pakistan. She is now pursuing M.Sc Chemistry at University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR. She worked for six year as a lecturer in Islamabad Model college (9th—14th grade) and ten years in High school ,Pakistan. After getting immigration, she came in Little Rock (AR). She worked as a substitute teacher in different schools in little rock school District and one year in Jacksonville High school as a chemistry teacher. She taught Pre_AP and general chemistry (9th_12th grade).She is now working as a teaching assistant in the Department of Chemistry at University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

Her research project was to compare different chemical techniques for total plasma cholesterol analysis ,University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan . The application of these analytical techniques use to determine cholesterol level in blood plasma and also development and improvement of analysis procedure. She assisted the senior chemist with experiment s and learnt daily small operations and tasks in laboratory.

Now her research interests are in computer molecular modeling techniques of atomic and molecular system for the elucidation of their chemical and physical properties.

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