Dr.Robert O. Shelton

Dr. Robert Shelton is currently manager, Technology Branch of the Education Office at the Johnson Space Center (JSC).  He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rice University in 1975, and received BA in Mathematics from Rice University in 1971. He worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, N.J. Dr. Shelton is responsible for the Digital Learning Network and Web Applications group at NASA Johnson Space Center.  He is also Lead Scientist for the Engineering Orbital Dynamics & SIM Team Simulations and Graphics Branch at NASA Johnson Space Center.

His research interest include designing intelligent systems such as neural networks, designing and developing innovative interface software to represent data in a form accessible to students with vision or perception disabilities. He developed Math Description Engine (MDE) to provide alternative accessibility for students with vision or perception disabilities. MDE uses rule-based and computational machine intelligence, feature extraction, and description synthesis to analyze, describe and signify equations and data. He developed an Artificial Intelligence software program involving artificial neural networks,  NETS; a tool for the development and evaluation of neural networks, and provides a simulation algorithm plus an environment for developing such algorithms.

Dr. Shelton received many exceptional awards for outstanding research. He received Laureate for The Tech Museum Award – Technology Benefiting Humanity, for the year 2007. He received NASA Software runner-up award for the year 2006, for his software on Artificial Neural Networks, received NASA Exceptional Service Medal for 2001, and received National Business & Disability Council Award of Honor. Johnson’s Space Center honored him with JSC Director’s Innovation Award for the year 2004. Dr. Shelton is the author of almost 100 publications, and received 2 patents. With his exceptional performance, he received many accolades from research community at the Johnson Space Center.

Dr. Shelton, developed software tools for students, researchers and educators.  Products included ILIAD (1995), an intelligent meta-search agent for teachers; NASA Qwhiz (1998), an interactive, multi-player, web-based science challenge game; ROVer Ranch(2000), an interactive web-based robotic lab with 3-d VRML simulation environment.

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