Dr. Bobby Sumpter

Education, Professional Experience, Activities, and Honors: Bobby G. Sumpter received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Southwestern Oklahoma State University(1983) with minors in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Geology. He received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Oklahoma State University in 1986. Following postdoctral studies in Chemical Physics at Cornell University 1987-1988 and in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Tennessee. Bobby joined the Chemistry Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Polymer Science group in 1992. He serves as an Advisory Committee Member of the “International Journal of Smart Engineering System Design” and on the editorial board of “Research Letters in Nanotechnology”. He is a continuing co-organizer of the annual international meeting, Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering, Co-organized and Chaired the 1st DOE Workshop on Applications of Neural Networks in Materials Science (Feb 28-March 2, 1994), Co-organized a symposium at the 1999 SERMACS meeting, and Co-organized and chaired the modeling and simulation track at the IEEE NANO 2008 meeting.  Bobby has authored or co-authored over 300 publications in refereed journals. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, , American Physical Society, American Institute of Chemists, Sigma XI, International Neural Network Society, Materials Research Society. Bobby was part of a research team that received the ORNL-CASD Technical Achievement Award in 1996 and the Lockheed Martin Energy Research significant advent award 1999.

Interests and Expertise: Dr. Sumpters’ research interests are focused on understanding the chemistry and physics of molecular systems with emphasis at the nanoscale level.  Particular focus is on theoretical and computational study of: chemistry in nano-confined environments, nanoscale self assembly and self organization processes, fundamental structure and dynamics of molecular-based materials including multi-component polymers and nano-composites, elucidation of the physical, mechanical and electronic properties of nanoscale materials, advanced quantum chemistry, and biotechnology.

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