Dr. Z. Ryan Tian

Dr.Tian Dr. Z. Ryan Tian,an Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry/Biochemistry, directs The Nanostrcutures Lab in the Institute of Nanoscience/Engineering, the Nanomaterials Synthesis Lab in Chem/Biochem, and R2R-Printing Lab in the High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC) at UARK. He obtained Ph.D. in Chemistry (Materials) with a minor in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at U. of Connecticut, and B.Sc. in Chemistry (Catalysis) from Fudan U. in China. Prior to joining the UARK in 2004, he worked in the Sandia National Labs’ Nanosynthesis and Interfacial Nanoscience Depts (Albuquerque, NM), and managed three production-lines, E&D teams, and Production Transfer to Oversea in the AXT Inc. (Fremont, CA).

Prof. Tian has been developing new basic interfacial and structural nanochemistry in constructing 0D- and 1D-nanoparticles into 3D-structures, for tackling longstanding problems in energy and healthcare. Tian-lab’s inventions were shown on Science News, Discovery (News), NBC (TV Channel), Materials Today, AAAS-Eureka!, ACS, ACerS, MRS, and to President Obama (in White House, and again in Obama’s New Delhi Summit with India Prime Minister), ex-President of India, Dr. Abdul-Kalam (at UARK), Arkansas Governor Beebe, Mr. Jim Walton (Arvest Bank owner, Sam Walton’s son), Mr. Scott Livingston (Wall Street #1 investor in nanotech), Mr. Larry Bock (US iconic entrepreneur), Senators/Congressman/woman, et al. The TiFiber, LLC, a UARK-spinoff company that started from licensing Tian-lab’s IP of TiO2-based nanofibers and hiring people with trainings from Tian-lab, recently announced to hire ~200 people at its manufacturing site in Fort Smith, AR. Since 2008, Tian-lab has been working on rechargeable Na-S and Li-ion batteries, long-lasting primary mini-battery, super-capacitor, and fuel-cell, through working with industry partners and sponsors in USA.

Prof. Tian served as one of two co-founders and a founding associate editor for the J. Nanotech. Engr. Med, one of four cofounders for the Arkansas Institute of Nanoscience/Engineering, a cofounding Fellow and first Fundraising Committee Chair for the American Society of Nanomedicine, one of the two cofounders for the Global Nanomadicine Initiative ($18M), and numerous nanotech journals’ editorial boards. He helped bring in $45M grants to the UARK to date, and published 70 peer-reviewed papers (Citations ~4,000; h-index = 22) and two book-chapters.

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