About Us


We are a new university research center providing the scientific community and corporate partners with state-of-the-art molecular modeling capabilities. We use some of the most powerful computational facilities as well as the most powerful molecular modeling software in the world.
Our Focus:
Bioinformatics is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools to explore biological and biomedical systems. Our students are seeking their Master’s and PhD degrees in this area and this knowledge will be used to solve some of the most pressing biomedical problems facing us. We are also solving some of science and engineering most pressing problems using students seeking advanced degrees in chemistry, physics and engineering.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to use state-of-the-art modeling capabilities to provide predictive tools for creating new molecular systems with desired properties. Treating diseases, which most medical research laboratories are not researching, will be one of our primary missions. We like to call these diseases “homeless” since they have no “home” research facility investigating them. A second mission will be to provide a platform for the enhanced education of students at the undergraduate and advanced degree levels of education. CMDD will be a multi-institutional facility with a number of in-state (i.e. UA Fayetteville) and out-of- state research institutions (i.e. NASA, Oak Ridge, VCU, Purdue) and will function as a national resource. It is our mission to provide hope for the treatments and cures for some of least-researched medical conditions using the most advanced molecular modeling and bioinformatic procedures known. See our web page at: cmdd.ualr.edu for more.
Our Needs:
The Center for Molecular Design and Development is a totally self-funded center, relying on a combination of grants and private donations. We have two methods to help support our center. We have an account on the UALR Foundation web page accessible at http://ualr.at/cmdd or by clicking Support link on the upper right corner of the web page. Wish List: To support one graduate student, including stipend, tuition, overhead and fees is $26,000 and one post-doctoral fellow is about $50,000, which also includes overhead. A state-of-the-art computer workstation to run the current generation of modeling software is about $20,000. The best situation would be to have one workstation per student or post-doc. Also, all contributions for support of this center are tax deductible. Thank You!

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